ASTRIONICS GmbH formed 2013 as “Spectrum ARC GmbH” is a Spin-Off out of the German Aerospace Agency (DLR Technology Marketing) and the European Space Agency (ESA) via the framework of the ESA-BIC (Business Incubation Center) in Oberpfaffenhofen-Germany.

ASTRIONICS has developed a proprietary evaluation method based on commercial “on ground” manufacturing processes to provide components and electronic parts optimized to the growing space industry, considering in particular the needs of the so called NewSpace. Synergies between space and on ground processes let use those “low-cost” reliable space-upgraded parts again in terrestrial harsh applications too.

2015 the company applied successfully to the EU Horizon 2020 Program (SME Instrument phase 1: ID 663639) and introduced the SpaceCOTSTM trademark: reliable space-upgraded Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) parts and components.

By implanting the SpaceCOTSTM into the market “Spectrum ARC GmbH” changed its original name 2016 transitory to Spectrum ASTRIONICS GmbH. Since Mid-2017 we are just ASTRIONICS GmbH and provide selected SpaceCOTSTM and services to expanding NewSpace companies: MYNARIC AG (former ViaLight GmbH), Berlin Space Technologies (BST) GmbH, BeSpace GmbH, among others.

Business Founder and CEO

Dr. Michael A. Schlüter
TU-Berlin member: Master of Space Engineering Program
e-mail: michael.schlueter@astrionics.com